Ron Holzman

Department of Mathematics
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

  • Phone: 972-4-8294030
  • FAX: 972-4-8293388
  • E-mail: holzman@technion.ac.il


Ph.D. 1985, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Research Interests :


My work is in the general area of extremal graph and hypergraph theory. Typical objects of study are matchings, covers, cliques, independent sets, colorings, and their fractional counterparts. My research often involves connections with other areas such as combinatorial number theory, information theory, and discrete geometry.

Game Theory

Most of my work in this field is concerned with the design of mechanisms that perform in a satisfactory way when the participants behave strategically so as to maximize their gain. The types of mechanisms include voting methods, transportation networks, and auctions. Another part of my research is devoted to cooperative games.